DIETS: Jnana Know Something? PART 2

Required Reading for Teacher Training

Here is the second round of John Doullard’s breakdown on past and current diets:

The Diet Go-Round

Sugar-Free: High-calorie sugars were replaced with no-calorie synthetic sweeteners.  The mind was happy, but the body was starving as diet drinks replaced meals.  People eventually binged on excess calories from other sources, such as protein.

High-Protein Diets:  The new diet let people eat all the protein they wanted without noticing the restriction of carbs and sugar.  Energy came from fat stores and dieters lost weight.  But without carbs, they soon experienced low energy and craved and binged on carbs.

High-Carb Diets:  Carb-craving America was ripe for high-carb diets.  You could now lose weight and eat up to 80 percent carbs- but they had to be slow-burning, complex carbs.  Fast- paced America was addicted to fast energy, however, high-carb diets soon became high-sugar diets.

Low Cholesterol:  The combination of sugar, fat, and stress raised cholesterol to dangerous levels.  The solution: Reemphasize complex carbs and reduce all animal fats.  Once again, dieters felt restricted and began craving and bingeing fats and sugars.

Exercise:  Dieters weren’t working, so exercise became the cholesterol cure-all.  It worked for a time, but people didn’t like to “work-out.”  Within 25 years, no more than 20 percent of Americans would do it regularly.

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DIETS: Jnana Know Something? PART 1

Required Reading for Teacher Training.

The following partial breakdown of other diet regimes are from the book:

The Diet Go-Round

Low-Calorie Diets: Diets began by limiting the number of calories consumed in a day.  But restricting calories depleted energy, so people craved high-calorie fat and sugar as energizing fuel.

Low-Fat Diets:  High-calorie fats were targeted.  Restricting fat left people hungry, they again craved more fats and sugars.

Fake-Fat: Synthetic low-cal fats were invented.  People could now replace butter with margarine, but without calories it didn’t deliver the energy and satisfaction people needed.  They still craved real fat and sugar.

Grapefruit Diets: Banking on the antioxidant and fat-emulsifying properties of grapefruit, dieters could eat real fat again, as long as they ate a grapefruit first.  But even grapefruits were no match for the high-fat American diet.

Sugar-Blues: The more America restricted fat in any way to lose weight, the more the body rebounded by storing fat, and craving and binging on fats and sugars. Sugar was now to blame.

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