Wonderful Words…

Recently, a Purple Yoga Teacher Trainee Student conducted an observation on my class.  Many times students have conducted observations, but this was different. She had frank comments and I truly appreciate that:

Hey Cidney 🙂
I just finished writing my teacher observation for you. I am sending some of the highlights. You can use it or quote any part of it that you want.
I also never got the chance to tell you some personal feedback in person. So I guess I will just tell you now. I am going to be very frank, so I hope you take it in the best way possible. What I say is coming from a place of love and light and is meant to be heard by your highest self.
As you may know I have been studying energy work for the past 4 years. A lot of it has to do with self healing, plus I am empathic, so it is second nature for me to be able to read peoples energy. Do you do some of that kind of energy work also? I have been wanting to ask you because the way that you teach your class is very spiritual and empowering. You are able to capture and hold a very powerful position as a teacher. I guess you will see in my observation a little more of what I like about your class. But I also wanted to get a little more serious. Do you have a personal practice (meditation or other) that allows you to disengage energetically from your students? It looks like you carry a lot on your shoulders (I don’t mean your physical shoulders, I mean on an energetic level). I am also sorry to hear about your dad’s cancer. I know that must be very difficult for you. You take care of all of these people, and all of your students, but who takes care of you? (This is something that I have wanted to ask you since I took your first class.) And you don’t have to answer me. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. This can just be something to ask yourself.
Sometimes in your classes I notice that you mention things like, how another teacher is more “fit” than you or better than you in some ways (more handsome etc). I know that you say that in a joking manner, but I don’t like it when you say those things. Because how you teach is so opposite of that. You have such a strong voice and you are so empowering for other people. When you say things that put yourself down, it takes away from the beauty of your teaching. I don’t want you to compare yourself to anyone else. You are amazingly unique. You should own that. You said the other day that when you are in class it is kind of a different personality than that of your own. But in some ways that is the true Cidney also. That is a part of you that you can embody. That Cidney that teaches in that powerful voice, and that powerful style, may be the small part of you that is a more real and genuine part.
I am just saying all of these things from my own outside perspective. I don’t know you that well, so I have no place to say anything. But I do have an ability to see into the core of people. Sometimes I can see how amazing and beautiful someone really is, and how they mask it with their own self doubt. You are truly beautiful. As a man, you are beautiful, your spirit is beautiful, and your physical self is beautiful. I thank you for teaching yoga. It has inspired me.
Below is the observation for you to review 🙂 Please use only quotes from the observation, I am not sure that I was supposed to share the entire thing with the teachers.
Thank you also for all of your great insight to teaching, and for always paying special attention to guide me, and give me teaching tips in class.
Love and Light,


Rolling up from a standing forward bend can damage your spine

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Recently I’ve watched a video on YouTube by a popular yoga teacher and couldn’t help but wince every time she instructed her students to “roll up to stand one notch at a time”. Why was I wincing? Because every time I heard that I was imaging what was happening to the student’s lumbar spine and it wasn’t pretty. This “roll up move” is so popular in yoga classes; it can’t be bad if everybody is doing it, right? Hmm, let’s take a look.Human Spine.

Here is your spine. Your lumbar spine curves in to accommodate for the weight of the structures above it (cervical and thoracic spine; ribcage, head and their contents). Between the bony vertebral bodies you have spinal discs. The nucleus of the disc acts as a shock absorber, absorbing the impact of the body’s daily activities and keeping the two vertebrae separated. The disc is like a jelly…

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Live Cello Flow: Symphony Shidoni


Many years ago, I was invited to practice yoga with live music present. The instrument was a cello. During practice, I found my eyes tearing up while in half-pigeon pose. The feeling was new and unexpected, I quickly disengaged and shot the cellist a hollow look. After class, I made a decision to not go through personal practice with live music present. It was too much emotion…

Since then, my personal practice has grown as well as my teaching. Many moments of reflection have come and I found myself more open to emotional releases. Through all that, I stayed firm with the decision of no live music.

Then it all changed. Last month, a friend invited me to attend the 108 Sun Salutations event hosted by Scott, Alex, and Ace. They would take turns playing drums, while the DJ’s mixed in music. It was truly an inspiring experience.

The next day, I had a conversation with Purple Yoga’s founder, Joe Vogt. I asked him to consider another event. This time, the flow would be lead by myself and accompanied by Erin Esses, a professional cellist.

On the last weekend of July and on the first Saturday of August, I’ll be hosting a “Live Cello Flow: Symphony Shidoni”. Whether you are hunting for power, length, recovery, or just to heal, this will be an unforgettable experience. All are welcome; a tremendous community through individual practice.