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  1. Holly S. 09.06.13
    THANK YOU! Through practicing with you I have seen what depth of character yoga can be taught at…the compassion and fun you can have and the strength and focus one must achieve! You are TRULY the!!! lol

  2. Cidney is AWESOME! His classes are not only inspiring on a physical level, but also on a spritual level. No matter your experience in yoga, Cidney always makes you feel welcome & good about yourself. I look forward to any chance I have to take a class with Cidney.

  3. Cidney is the kind of teacher who will wake up your practice. I challenge you to exit Cidney’s class not having learned something about yourself or not having confronted an inner struggle. Have the courage to let him guide you. Take a class and don’t look back. Thanks, Cidney.

  4. What a magical warrior!! Cidney’s class was our first class at Purple Yoga and we were blown away! Not only was it a strong physical class well explained, but it was a spiritually moving class that hit us at the core. Thank you for your light and guidance! You won my husband over that thinks yoga is a bit airy fairy! He’s hooked!! xoxox 🙂 Kelsea & Dave

  5. Matt R. 09.21.13
    Epic climbing session. This was my second time indoor rock climbing since my first attempt 1 year ago. I noticed a very significant improvement in my strength and overall performance. I was able to complete every wall, which I attribute to the following people and training:

    Training alongside top level athletes with Alisha at No Limits Sports and Fitness has made me push myself to improve my overall strength.

    Training with Eric at Long Beach Kettlebell Club has improved my forearm and grip strength.

    Keeping my nutrition up at its optimal level because of Kenny and Nutriton Zone.

    Practicing with Cidney Shidoni has improved my core strength and stability.

    So, thank you.

  6. It is an honor to leave a few words on behalf on Cidney (Shidoni) Corpuz. This extraordinary human being uses his strong presence and booming voice to guide students into a much deeper practice. He imparts courage and strength in the classroom which follows us off the mat and into our daily challenges. I always depart from his teaching with eyes brighter and heart lifted. Arigato Gozaimasu!


  7. I ended up at the 5:30 Blue 2.0 class at the Long Beach location of Purple Yoga yesterday and had the pleasure of attending Sidney’s class. What I expected when I walked in the studio was much different than I got in a very unexpected and positive way. I was thinking it would be an entry level, mild class with some options for modification if injured or inflexible. What I got was a highly motivating, encouraging mentor who pushed our limits, and raised the energy level of the entire room. Sid is great at helping you push past that feeling of giving up, and helping you find the motivation to accept your fate and surrender to the pose. He also provided lots of options and challenges for going further into more advanced postures, including balance postures, inversions, and binds. He also plays a mixture of Daft Punk and Hans Zimmer so it feels like you have completed an epic life journey by the time you’re finished. I recommend him most highly.

  8. Hello Cidney!!
    I’ll miss you on Thursday nights! Sorry it has taken me so long to make my way here, but… Thank you! I’ve been going to your classes for about two and a half months, and not only did I receive an intense work out and theatrical experience, but I also found confidence and beauty within myself. Although I haven’t been practicing with you for a particularly long time, I have done so many things that I didn’t think possible OUTSIDE of yoga.
    Thank you so much for helping me become a stronger, more courageous person inside and out.

  9. Honestly, I have never met a yoga teacher like him, he is AWESOME, like other said he is not only inspire people on physical level, but the spiritual level. He totally change my perspective on teaching yoga and his compassion, strong and powerful voice are truly indescribable by words. Thank you, Cidney! 🙂

  10. I have found endless inspiration in Cidney’s class, but notably in his multifaceted iccha. The atmosphere of strength, knowledge and laughter is so welcoming and positive I can only hope to bring some part of that to my class one day. Thank you for showing me how to make Blue into something so creative and personal.
    namaste 🙂

  11. My daughter Erin took your classes over the summer and encouraged me to go to your class. She was right. Yesterday was my first class in several years. You put me and the rest of the class at ease. You gave me the confidence to find my inner warrior while still maintaining beauty, peace and grace. Thank you Cidney. I hope to continue many more classes with you and Purple Yoga.

  12. One of the things I love about taking Cidney’s class is that I can always expect the unexpected. Every time I take one of his classes, it’s more of a magical yogic “experience” than just “yoga”, because his teaching style is truly one of a kind. I literally feel like a Queen leading a kingdom, or a warrior about to march into epic battle. Cidney has a very strong command-style of teaching that inspires me to have intense focus on my breath, to bring attention to making graceful (silent) transitions and to find strength in every posture. I feel like my practice is at its best during his class. Thank you Cidney for always making your class such an incredible experience.


  13. Amazing class! I felt as if your voice was in my mind narrating my own personal movie. The imagery you use not only guides you into a clear headspace in the beginning but makes you feel like a warrior…. from a time long ago, with strength and wisdom, then bookends it back to the peaceful state of our beginning. My favorite class yet… A great balance of yin and yang. I definitely felt transformed after your class. Thanks again and can’t wait for the next warrior class! Cheers!

  14. Andrea R. 10/23/13 Teacher Observation:
    I observed Cidney’s Blue series class in Long Beach today. I will preface this by saying I have taken Cidney’s class once so I was a little prepared for how different his style is. But, I was amazed at how I connected with his words even as I sat just listening. And I was completely mesmerized by his passion!

    There was a brand new student in the class, a man whose friend had brought him in to try out Cidney’s class. The class was for the most part all in the back of the room in the same row so the new student had to look to his sides for help when he got confused in postures. I thought it was awesome that after a few poses, Cidney had the new student’s friend pull his mat in front of him so the new student would have a visual reference for the poses. Cidney also stuck by the new student for help with modifications and kept saying to the whole class how he preferred to take the same modifications himself so the new student didn’t feel like it was just for him.

    Something I really enjoyed was how Cidney used his voice and words in such a different way; like a deeper, more soulful energy. His words got everyone to the right poses but his imagery to get them there is so unique. It was kind of like a dance, a performance. His voice was deep and at sometimes booming, it felt like he was narrating the class. He used everyone’s name in the class numerous times. You could definitely tell the students in the class connected with him and his style and had been with him numerous times.

    A few last thoughts…. These are things I want to remember! Cidney had the class visualize being in child’s pose when they were holding a pose longer to bring their minds to that calm place. In tree pose, he said how the bent leg is nothing more than a distraction for your focus. Also, at the end of class, he realized he had gone over his time on accident. So he let everyone know of his mistake so they could leave if they were pressed for time. The best part was seeing one of the guys in class smile huge and give a thumbs up, showing how happy he was that he had gotten extra time with Cidney

  15. Tess I. 10.25.13 Teacher Observation:

    “Today I had the pleasure of observing Cidney’s class at 4:00pm…He began the class with some mellow music and talked about the unique differences in each body. He spoke about how the diversity everyone has can limit or strengthen their practice at any time or be different from day to day. He emphasized honoring the body and made it clear that everyone should take their practice at their own pace to be safe. Then some soft, uplifting music begins, he asks the students to breathe slowly as he moves around the class. Students close their eyes and he asks them to take a moment to scan their bodies, “how is your heart, how is your breath.” He lowers down to the floor and his voice echos and vibrates the room. “Do you feel anything at all?” he asks. Cidney’s gift is empowerment. His students become leaders, warriors, kings and queens. They learn self-confidence and he makes them feel that they are beautiful. He uses kind, light touch to adjust students and always speaks to them directly. He makes the class feel welcomed and as if they are in a safe place amongst friends…….he finds decorative and colorful words to explore the poses.

    While doing all of this, he still is able to acknowledge and emphasize the proper pose, allowing the student to explore but still stay on track…..Cidney is able to get the students to engage themselves on a deeper level. The words he uses are unique, light and inspiring…..Everything is graceful and fluid. Then the music changes, it becomes more dramatic, the lights turn up and he takes the students into more powerful poses. As he does this his voice becomes more powerful. He speaks of finding your inner strength, being strong and talking about how he finds his own strength. Throughout the class he uses the Jnana to explain benefits of each pose, his cues are powerful and focused. This keeps the students engaged in the present moment. As the music changes to a heavier beat, students begin a moving lunge pose and he offers many different variations. When the poses become intense Cidney encourages the students to rest if they need to….

    In balancing poses he talks about falling out and always getting back up. It is used as a reference for life also. He is always building confidence in the students, emphasizing power in the poses, standing taller, prouder and “noticing how the doubt leaves.”

    A couple of things that I really liked that he said, which I will take with me into my teaching practice are:
    -When he talked about breathing into all four sides of the torso, which is a nice visual for me.
    -When the students were in a pose where the neck had to be held, he said, “Refuse the Defeated Head and Neck.” I loved that.
    -Cidney makes it seem like he knows each student personally. He takes the time to talk to people and makes it feel like the class is all friends, or even part of a family.”

  16. As I like to share with you after every class, Cidney, thank you so much. You were my first yoga instructor and I look forward to every class you lead. You have helped guide me through the infancy of my practice and the journey has been inspiring. I hear your voice and feel your energy as I teach my students and they too benefit from your gift. I look forward to when we meet again in person, but I know I can always find you on my field.
    You honor me.

  17. Red G. 11.05.13 Yelp Review:

    5.0 star rating 11/5/2013 15 check-ins here
    AMAZING Yoga Place! I’ve been practicing there for the last 4 months on a daily basis. There are so many reasons why I LOVE Purple Yoga! For the instructors, for the cleanliness after a hot yoga session (Hot Mess & Sweat!!) and their class schedules. Purple Yoga caters to all levels at all times of the day. You can go anytime and hit up a class and get a nice workout. I love me some Cidney and Ace. They motivate me every day and now have become friends. I love them and love Purple Yoga.

  18. Bobby V. 09.05.13 Yelp Review:


    These past few months have been life-changing. I went vegan, I lost 6 inches from my waist (4 more to go!), and I found my yoga studio…I’m a hippie!

    I HAD a partially dislocated femur and a herniated disk (no symptoms). According to my friend who was an orthopedic surgeon for I don’t know how long, the best treatment is yoga…for more than a few reasons. Coming from a surgeon who’s been in ashram after ashram, I didn’t take what he said lightly. YOGA IT WAS!!!

    I have been here 26 times (including this morning) in my first month. I’m clearly addicted to centering myself in this tight-knit yoga studio. :3

    This yoga studio is fantastic! Although a month ago I never ever ever ever ever did yoga before, I was zealously looking for a studio to attend long-term. This place had the best monthly deal of $109 (autopay) AND consistently high Yelp reviews.

    I’ve been regularly taking classes with Jennifer. If she’s not teaching my class, she’s most likely participating while I awkwardly stare at her, trying to copy her technique. She teaches many Green and Red classes throughout the day.

    One of my favorite instructors is Cidney (that guy with the kickass shades who keeps “liking” your Purple Yoga tips), who i believe has a brown belt in bjj? Usually teaching on Tuesday nights(?), he makes sure we find meaning and purpose in why we do yoga. Is it for you? Is it for your kids? Is it to set an example? Is it to heal your wounds? You name it. I feel so spiritually connected, I completely lose touch with the physical stress each asana creates in my body until I reach savasana. There’s nothing better than that.

    If you want a good physical workout, check out Sean and Joe.

    If you want to center yourself, check out Cidney and Bonnie.

    Also, Alex is cool. His classes are pretty fun.

    On my checklist (and hopefully yours too):

  19. Erin S. 10.14.13 Teacher Evaluation:

    I can always count on two things when I take one of Cidney’s classes;
    1. that I will have a powerful yogic “experience”
    2. that I will cry (in the best way possible, of course).

    I don’t have the pleasure of taking his classes very often, so when I realized that I am now able to
    practice with him on Monday afternoons before work-study, I was beyond excited because his classes are magical.

    I honestly can’t really remember the sequencing of the class, but I
    know that I was sweating a lot, and that we started in Savasana. I do,
    however, remember other aspects of class quite vividly. Cidney is an
    amazing and powerful storyteller and begun by creating this visual of
    being in a field where the snow was falling and having us imagine
    being there and feeling the lightly falling snow on our faces and lips; I
    could literally feel and taste the snow. He reminded us to let go of
    anything in our minds that were troubling us and to always return to
    the field with the snow.

    My description of Cidney’s story does not do it
    justice by any means, because his tale was far more poetic, and I was
    of course, crying by this point and we hadn’t even started the flow; we were still in Tadasana.
    Other aspects of the class that I remember, were the ninja-like
    “stepping of your feet”, the King/Queen/Warrior references (which I
    LOVE), and the feeling that I was about to march into an epic battle.
    Cidney has a very strong command-style of teaching that inspires me
    to have intense focus on my breath, to bring attention to making
    graceful (silent) transitions and to find strength in each posture. I feel
    like my practice is at its best during his class.

    Another part of the class that I thought was amazing, was how he
    made sure that you knew you were in a safe space, and that you were
    among friends. He did this yesterday by first bringing other instructors
    into the conversation. He talked about Ace and his new precious baby
    girl, and asked the class to reach up and “tickle her feet” when we had
    our arms overhead, he mentioned that “when you take Jessica’s class;
    she loves Goddess pose”, or how Alex’s class was the first class he
    ever took at Purple. He ties this all in to being friends; first among the
    Purple instructors, and then within the class. He made sure everyone
    knew that they were strong, they were warriors, that they were safe,
    and that they were among friends.

  20. Cidney,
    Your class is so unique and special. It is incomparable to anything I have ever experienced before. I wish I lived in Long Beach so I could come much more often. Being a warrior on the battle field with you is an honor! Thank you thank you thank you, please continue doing what you do! I need your inspiring, strong, mentality in my life! ❤ much love xoxo
    Andrea 🙂

  21. I don’t think (actually, I know) I have NEVER experienced yoga like I have with Cidney. I recently joined Purple Yoga with an admitted sadness because I moved and had to leave my favorite yoga studio in Colorado. In my first week, I ended up in Cidney’s class without knowing anything about him.

    At first I had no idea what was happening….but now I can honestly say I can feel it changing my life.

    The most powerful part of the practice for me is the visualization of the “…snow. Whatever snow may be.” I really do feel like a warrior, and I really do feel like I need to learn to train “my people”, and I really do feel like I’m learning the balance of that craving for power and the need for gentleness and grace.

    In my other practice, I would look at the mirror, trying so hard to nail each post. But in this class, I’m looking at MYSELF – and the poses are coming more naturally. I am not focusing on just ‘trying to get it right’; I’m focusing on my own eyes…and the strength I am gaining from that is helping me love myself more.

    Cidney’s voice is mesmerizing…and somehow it gets stuck in my head and I can feel his voice becoming my own thoughts:
    “This is not selfish. YOU are not selfish.”
    “What are you practicing for? For your family? To heal? To recover?”
    “The only person you are fighting is standing right on the other side of that mirror.”


    Thank you, Cidney. For helping me navigate this time in my life.
    I am so appreciative.


  22. Hi Cidney,
    You wanted me to message you if I were to bring someone new with me to one of your AMAZING classes, so.. My sister would like to join in on your class with me tomorrow from 1-2. Hope this is enough notice for you.

  23. To say that Cidneys class is amazing is an understatement. Just go! Go to his classes. Cidney manages to create an ineffable space that simply must be experienced. I am blown away! Cidney is truly a gift to the world!

  24. My eyes aren’t actually 2 different colors, my contact lens fell out. Lookin a freaky. Thanks for your blue class & giving me extra pointers.
    Your red class w Lindsey was literally my first yoga class. Ever.
    In my mind I always thought that yoga was boring because I’m a jump-around kinda girl. I’m so glad that you convinced me otherwise! Yes, we have a running team. Our team captain came to your red class also- Diane. It’s a mixed group of (I think) very inspiring people. Would you like to run with us? Our big events are a little ways off, so there’s no pressure. Until next time! See you Friday 🙂

  25. Cidney is a wonderful yoga teacher. I have been doing yoga on and off for ten years, and I have had the benefit of being exposed to many different types of yoga and different teaching styles. If you do yoga because you want a good sweat session, then take his class. If you do yoga because you are looking for a spiritual/meditative/self-reflective experience THEN YOU SHOULD REALLY TAKE HIS CLASS. He cares about his students and that care is reflected in the planning he puts into his classes. He doesn’t just simply show up and teach, but he truly thinks about the pace, the music, the goal, and the challenge (both physically and mentally) he is presenting to students. I am so grateful that I have had to chance to practice in his classes!

  26. Dear Cidney, a BIG SALAMAT (Thank You) for an amazingly powerful, yet restorative class for me this afternoon. An epic leap in my journey through my yoga practice. Hope to take another class with you soon. All the best. Namaste.

  27. Cidney’s class is completely different yoga experience. He gives each student the ability to find their own strength, power and self-love while sending them on their own cinematic journey through meditation and asana. The music, his voice, and the imagery you experience are bigger than life yet the inner peace found is delicate and beautiful. This is a class for those that are open to being vulnerable and digging deep within yourself. After class, there is no way that you will not be deeply affected one way or another.

    I am extremely excited for the next time I get to take this special class.
    Thank you xo

  28. cidney!!!! Feeling so grateful that I got to two of your classes this week!! Between your powerful classes, your uplifting words of encouragement, the incredible neck adjustment you gave me two weeks ago (which by the way, totally fixed all of the neck problems I’d been having), and your beautiful open spirit – my yoga practice has grown leaps and bounds, both inside and out! Thanks a million!!!!!! Hope Nala gets to enjoy some of the beautiful clouds out today 🙂

  29. Cidney,
    I must first start off by saying Thank You !
    these two words
    sound very simple but so many times we forget to use them /
    “.just. 2 words..”
    I wanted you to know that I came home from my first yoga session “from you. ”
    ?not sure what I was seeking that afternoon ,but I did take Jourdan Dunaway up on her invite to your class.
    that was my first time ever experiencing yoga.
    Many hours after..I had made notes on my Facebook page .
    what’s Iimportant to say here is I didn’t really know how to describe my experience, nor was It what I was expecting.
    So to tell you the story for the first 9 minutes..
    I was near the door and pretty much looking for a way out of there/ But… within 1single minute after that.. I stop thinking of the door / I began to listen / I began to become myself in the moment/ I wasn’t trying to keep up with anyone— and so it begins.. a journey into my mind ,as well as my body.
    I am no one in this room / I’m just myself.
    I am no longer Air Traffic Control /I’m myself.
    and maybe /maybe most importantly– doing this was NOT selfish , it was simply letting it go for just 1 hour. .. and again, I am just simply myself….
    your words & encouragement have brought me away from thinking “how to get out of that room ” they have at moments literally brought me to tears/ they have at moments allowed me to think outside myself/ and they have at moments- given me trust and faith in something I do not understand to this moment.
    “”and Here I am trying to explain this on Facebook””????
    I thought people would think I was crazy-/
    the response that I received from former coworkers and friends and family– were of happiness ,good wishes & Love.
    at one point in my life I was a very serious athlete & football player . I for over 30 years have seved and helped others by taking on a very serious job.
    what’s important to note here is that somewhere in that time whether it was being part of a team /or weather was being part of an organization of safety–
    “trust me, I didn’t think much about myself”
    \*the moral of the story is, I can never get any of those years back, nor do I regret any of them… but somewhere in the course of that and being a grandfather and a father…
    I lost something very important.
    I put it down somewhere and forgot to pick it up.
    and then there it was ,right there in front of me the whole time.
    because what was lost was…… myself
    Your words of wisdom and kindness thought and meditation //have begun to help me reclaim that/ * that which is truly mine”
    you have triggered this journey that I needed to return to but knew not the way back.
    ” and again I’m trying to put this out on Facebook”– nothing but love is all I received back– and truly all I ever wanted.
    so in closing : ” Thank You”
    for if I nourish myself and take care of myself
    I can Love & Help more .
    I find courage in my heart again /strength and compassion in your words.
    by simply getting back to center..and being.

    and just a footnote:
    Sense taking yoga ,and just starting, I have no longer needed pain medication each day.
    “I can’t wait.. for each day now in my future.”
    it is truly becoming amazing.

  30. Cidney’s class is not your average yoga class. It is beautiful, cinematic and engaging. His ability to draw out inner beauty allowed the entire class to engage in a way I have never seen before. I personally lost track of time and space while attending. He is my top favorite yoga instructors. I am looking forward to bringing others to experience the love, joy, strength and compassion that follows him into every studio. Normally you may call classes a ‘yoga class’. However, with Cidney it is truly an adventure.

    Continue to share yourself in each class. I strongly believe you are doing something beautiful and admirable. Thank you for allowing me to be a warrior with grace and compassion.


  31. I’m a baby in yoga and certainly new to Cydney’s mad brilliance. On Christmas Day, Cydney’s class was wild and wonderful with 52 of us sacrificing just a little bit for one another by moving our mats so we could welcome everyone who wanted and needed to be in our community that day. It was open-hearted, imperfectly human and messy like the best things in life are. It wasn’t preachy. It was lived! I loved that we got the opportunity to look out for one another. Somewhere in between dodging my neighbor’s feet I got to practice the benevolent unselfishness (which I later discovered is inherent in Namaste, see below, and I suspect is one of the cultural ethics at the heart of yoga). I felt my practice shift that day. I was ‘on my mat’ more present, more ‘power and touch’ , more human because I was acknowledging the personhood of those around me. I finally saw them, and that’s the deepest salutation. We were in it together and my mat grew to the size of the room… The power and love (that Oneness) snuck up on me, and I was a goner for yoga. Can’t imagine a life without it. So thank you, Cydney and Siri for giving me-us the kind of adversity I-we needed to take my-our practice to another level.

    “Not for me,.. but for thee”
    Safe journey

    What I found out about Namaste – (wikipedia) Namaste is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of two words, “Namaḥ” and “te”. Namaḥ means ‘bow’, ‘obeisance’, ‘reverential salutation’ or ‘adoration'[2] and te means ‘to you’ (dative case of ‘you’). Therefore, Namaste literally means “salutations to you”. ‘Namaskar’ is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of the two words, “Namaḥ” and “kaar”. As noted above, “Namaḥ” is a salutation. “Kaar” means ‘form’ or ‘shape’ and refers to the phenomenon that the other entity (person) presents. Thus, the older salutation essentially means “I salute [your] form”, which implies an understanding that all beings in this existence are part of the surface phenomenology of Maya and that beyond the surface, so to say, all beings are part of Brahman, or the One ultimate essence that underlies, and is, all. In the same light, ‘Namah’ originates from a benevolent unselfishness or admission (“salutation”) of unity in One essence, and, therefore, ‘Namaste’ can also be interpreted (roughly) as a way of saying “Not-myself to you” (a benevolent expression of both respect and impersonality). Another variation “Not for me,.. but for thee” gives the sense of doing ‘in service’ or ‘in honor’ of the person spoken to…

  32. Cidney, you were awesome today! I hope you teach more often at the Tustin location in ’14. Thank you SO much for such an amazing experience! Namaste~

  33. My husband and I had the pleasure of taking Cidney’s class for the first time in January 2014 at Purple Yoga in Long Beach. In comparison to the countless yoga classes we have taken over the last 10 years, Cidney’s class was revolutionary and profound. It was a spiritual journey that not only provided us with the physical challenge we seek in yoga, but also touched us emotionally and swept our minds into a cinematic adventure that completely blew us away! We hope to enjoy another one of Cidney’s classes again in the near future!

  34. I believe in you. You must make all the right decisions from here forward. If you don’t know the answer just breathe and wait. Your first impulse is probably wrong even though you will try to convince yourself otherwise.

  35. Cidney!!! I miss your class so much> I always leave feeling inspired and beautiful. Its an amazing experience. I hope all is well.

  36. I have taken at least 50 yoga classes (mostly Bikram) in the last year and have never had an experience as amazing as I had today taking Cidney’s class. It was fullfilling and challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. Cidney made every effort to connect with me and the other students. He kept us laughing and built our confidence throughout the class. Cideny’s calming spirit allowed me to hone in and focus on my practice while remembering the importance of maintaining a steady breathe. I am 4 months pregnant, which he immediately acknowledged and made every effort to ensure I was comfortable yet constantly challenging myself. I am so grateful for this experience and cannot wait to be his regular student. Thank you.

  37. I just took your Blind Folds and Blocks workshop and it was AWESOME!!! What a great feeling to go inward with your senses and practice yoga! Well done Cidney!

  38. Cidney! Even while going through Yoga Teacher Training at YogaWorks, I found myself coming to Purple to your classes. You create an environment of strength and support that I find amazing and I always find myself pushing for more grace and power in your classes. As a yoga teacher, I hope to be as inspiring as you. Thanks for everything!

  39. I was honored to have my first class with Cidney and it was AMAZING! He brings such passion and energy to the room that one can’t help but be filled with inspiration. He truly understands the mind-body connection ; the experience transcended all my expectations.

  40. Dear CidVicious,
    Salamat ! Thank you for being you, I couldn’t say that enough. You were my first teacher at Purple yoga and from the moment you started class to the very end, All i could feel was greatness. I was going through so much and my heart was so broke. You helped amend that in ways i didn’t think possible. You are to thank for the passion i have found in yoga. I admired you from then on and still do in each and every class. I would to come home a brag about you and i recommend that everyone should take your class. You are a very inspiring teacher with such stellar energy. I pity the fool who thinks otherwise 🙂 Don’t stop what you do you’re like music or something the world would be sad without it. You just got a rhythm, a voice, some soul, and a tune in you that nobody could replace. Keep that shit up, Gangsta lol 😉

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